Chapter 9: New Years in Munich

New Years in Munich

Rudy had been invited to The Charles Hotel as a guest of honour – and checking into the Monforte Royal Suite, he certainly felt like one.

Here, he was greeted with a glass of Champagne and a series of charming portraits, drawn by young guests at the hotel’s R Kids club in excited anticipation of his arrival. Rudy was cheered by the pictures, none of which mistook him for a reindeer.

In spite of his recent tabloid embarrassments, he felt ready to embrace 2016. It was time to breathe new life into his campaign for Europe’s elks – New Year, new Rudy.

It was in this spirit that he arrived at the New Year’s Gala, cutting quite a dash in his new bow tie. He posed for photographs with the great and good of Munich, all of whom greeted the “sehr geehrter Elch” without even the slightest hint of reindeer-confusion.

There was a slight blip when Rudy’s antlers were mistaken for a hat stand by a short-sighted dignitary – but overall, he couldn’t have asked for a better reception.

When the jazz band struck up, Rudy was first to hit the dance floor. He’d already shown he could be light on his hooves in St Petersburg – but he was an elk of many talents, and expert swing dancing also featured in his repertoire.

Soon, the whole of Munich was dancing to Rudy’s steps.

The next day, a series of videos appeared online, offering step-by-step instructions for the hottest dance to emerge from Bavaria since the Schuhplattler.

Rudy was flattered – until, that is, he noticed the name of the dance:


2016 was not off to the best start. Rudy packed his bags, and headed to Berlin.