Chapter 7: Exciting interviews in Edinburgh

Exciting interviews in Edinburgh

When Rudy checked into The Balmoral, he was full of optimism. In fact, you could almost have called it festive cheer.

He’d been invited to Edinburgh for an interview with one of Britain’s biggest newspapers – a chance to set the record straight once and for all.

Of course, Rudy’s mood was also helped by Edinburgh itself. The city, bustling with preparations for Christmas and Hogmanay, was ablaze with festive lights. He was so taken with it all that he was even prepared to ignore the odd illuminated reindeer – a minor festive miracle.

On the night before his big interview, he headed down to the whisky bar to steady his nerve. After a quick dram, he stood deep in thought, mentally running and rerunning an answer he’d prepared on the rights of Europe’s elks.

Suddenly, he had it – the perfect quote. He jolted out of his daydream and made for the bar.

Two guests, who had mistaken the motionless elk for a stuffed trophy, nearly jumped out of their skin – a situation that was easily remedied by a quick-thinking barman and a single malt all round.

The next day, Rudy spoke passionately about the plight of Europe’s elks, delivered firm responses to questions involving Donner and Blitzen, and threw in a few jokes from Lapland for good measure.

Afterwards, he posed for a series of photographs in front of The Monarch of the Glen. Reassured by the triumph of his interview, he didn’t question the choice of painting – surely no one would be stupid enough to mistake him for a stag after that performance.

At breakfast the next day, he realised it wasn’t the stag he needed to worry about.


Rudy shook his head in disbelief. It was time to pack his bags for London.