Chapter 3: Frankfurt

Feeling Festive in Frankfurt

That was it. The last straw. The final indignity. Rudy had had ENOUGH.

When he’d calmed down a little, he realised he’d already booked a suite at Villa Kennedy, and might as well give Frankfurt a visit. Perhaps Germany would know a mighty elk when it saw one… though he didn't hold out much hope.

At the hotel, he was reassured to find his room decorated with potted bilberry bushes – a real elk favourite. At least somebody understood him.

The next day, on the advice of a friendly waiter at Gusto, Rudy headed out to try cinnamon stars and hot Apfelwein at the Weihnachtsmarkt. He had never been hugely fond of this sort of thing in Lapland, but here, the festive market did much to lift his spirits.

What did less to cheer him was the constant demand for selfies from the other market-goers, who had clearly mistaken him for a reindeer. Rudy liked adoring fans as much as the next elk, but it was the squeals for “Rudolph the reindeer!” that caused him to grit his teeth. He imagined Twitter flooding with images of the ‘reindeer’ of Römerberg, and winced on behalf of the elks of Europe.

Villa Kennedy was a welcome retreat from this unexpected new slice of fame. The Concierge, spotting Rudy’s expression as he traipsed back into the lobby, ushered him through to the JFK Bar for a much-needed restorative drink.

A few minutes later he returned, grinning, with a reservation for Villa Spa. Rudy could not fault the suggestion. Never mind the reindeer mix-up earlier – it was time to treat himself like the star he really was.

The Spa team gave him a bespoke Hehi Lani Hoof Treatment, specially adapted for exhausted elks. Naturally, this was followed by a classic file and polish.

With his shiny new hooves, Rudy had never felt better. His campaign was back up and running, and the fight for elk recognition could continue. Next stop: Brussels.